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how to become a certified sandplay therapist

How to Become a Certified Sandplay Therapist

Sandplay therapy is a creative and effective way of working with children, young people, adults and families. Sand therapy uses miniature figures in a box of sand. This helps clients tell their story and process feelings. Learn how to become a certified sandplay therapist as part of our small and friendly groups. Creative arts therapy is widely used in schools, as well as counselling and mental health settings.


Sandplay therapy is valuable because it is proven to work


Dora Kalff initially developed Jungian Sandplay Therapy in the mid 20th century.  Her work is the basis of all of our courses.   However, we also integrate skills from Gestalt sand tray therapy. Also, object relations’, transpersonal and person-centred sandplay work.


This creates a very flexible and adaptable non-verbal therapy ideal for working with children. It is also great for teenage clients. Adult clients may be more suited to non-verbal play therapy, such as those with Autism or Dementia.

We teach evidence-based sandplay therapy techniques to use with primary school aged children, teenagers and adults.



Sand play is ideal for clients who struggle with words. The results are that children in particular will be able to express feelings, traumatic memories and improve their behaviour quite quickly. Sandplay can also help adolescent and adult clients to express feelings in a safe, non-verbal way.


Why do our sandplay trainings?


All of our sandplay therapy courses are based on recent research and our own clinical case studies. We can show you key skills to get results. On every weekend, you are welcome to bring your clients’ material to discuss in group supervision.  In addition, we will help you through your own personal sandplay process in a small, supportive group environment. You will, therefore, become a well-rounded, confident certified sandplay therapist able to use sand with clients, in supervision and as a way of looking after yourself. 


Students can apply to become a Sandplay Therapist after successfully completing  our one year’s Certificate course. You must have a counselling qualification (or similar) to get the full Certificate. Other mental health or educational professionals or volunteers are welcome. You will learn sandplay skills with clients and for self development.

There is no written work, Instead, you must complete 50 sessions of client work. Students are also assessed during group and individual supervision.  You do not have to finish all of your client hours during the course.

Our teaching is online at the moment because of Covid-19 and we accept online sessions as part of course requirements. After the restrictions lift, we will be offering both online and face to face courses.

Our courses focus on teaching the practical, research-based skills you need to become a Sandplay Therapist.

Firstly, our groups are small, friendly and interactive. Secondly, you will be doing your own sandtrays, as well as using other creative arts therapies such as art, music and meditation to create an expressive, healing space. Thirdly, you will have space for group and individual consultation sandplay sessions during our course of training.


The Introduction is a good place to start if you are new to sandplay therapy or want to see if you like our way of working. After that, our key skills training is the Certificate, which is taught in five weekend modules spread over a year. After that, you can continue on to the Diploma, which is more focussed on self-care and working with sandplay in group or mental health settings.

how sandplay training works
how to become a certified sandplay therapist
how to become a certified sandplay therapist

Course Requirements

All our sandplay training courses are suitable for BACP and UKCP counselling and psychotherapy Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

There is no written work. You are instead assessed in group or individual supervision. Also, on the Certificate and Diploma courses, you will present a case study to the group during a teaching weekend.

In addition, the Certificate and Diploma courses require 50 sessions each of client work. However, there is no deadline on completing these hours. You can call yourself a Sandplay Therapist after completing the Certificate weekends, client hours and supervision requirements. You must have a counselling qualification (or similar) to be awarded the full Certificate. Your supervisor and sandplay teacher will also assess you.

In summary, we recommend that you are in personal therapy. Therefore, we may be able to suggest a sand play therapist near me. We work to BACP Ethical Standards.

I was impressed and inspired by Jill’s professionalism. Her handouts are excellent and she has encyclopaedic knowledge. Above all, I loved the personal qualities that she brings. She has such generosity of spirit and warmth of heart. Therefore the pace is gentle yet firm and  her holding of the space exceptional. After experiencing psychotherapy training in other institutions, I would rate Jill’s arts therapy training as masterful and highly competent. In conclusion, the handouts are eloquent and erudite. Also, the symbol collection is second to none. In fact, the experiental expressive therapy courses were deeply effective and in my case, life-changing.

We offer three levels of Sandplay Therapy Training

In general, the best place to start if you are new to sandplay therapy, is the Introduction to Sandplay Therapy weekend course.

Then the next level is the Certificate in Integrative Sandplay Therapy, which is our main key skills sandplay training.

After that, you can go on to the Diploma in Integrative Sandplay Therapy, which builds on and expands the skills of the previous courses.

Online Introduction to Sandplay Therapy

introduction to sandplay therapy courses

Tutor: Emma Steadman
Course Dates: 20/21st November 2021 is FULL

Booking for 26/27th March 2022

Venue: Online via Zoom Meetings

Cost: Online discount £250 payable on booking


Online Certificate in Integrative Sandplay

certificate in integrative sandplay training

Tutor: Emma Steadman
Course Dates: Starting 5th February 2022

Venue: Online via Zoom Meetings

Cost: from £1620


Online Diploma in Integrative Sandplay

diploma integrative sandplay therapy training

Tutor: Emma Steadman
Course Dates: 16th October 2021 FULL contact us to go on waiting list
Venue: Online via Zoom Meetings

Cost: from £1620