certificate in creative supervision

Certificate in Creative Counselling Supervision

Pretending to be a Unicorn: A Certificate in Playfull SupervisionTM

This is a full Certificate in Creative Counselling Supervision

  • The course is taught online in four modules , spread over four months
  • It will be a small group, with never more than 8 students
  • This gives you one-to-one support and encouragement from the teacher Emma Steadman
  • The focus is on experiential creative learning, with lots of practical advice in a free, protected space


“Don’t be silly, I’m not a real unicorn, I’m pretending to be a unicorn!”


  • This quote from a five-year old child captures the way that play enables us to stand back and explore different realities.
  • Creative supervision uses play to facilitate a space which opens our hearts and minds.
  • In clinical supervision the supervisee tunes into their client to see them from different perspectives.
  • The course will integrate learning and supervision models with creative arts such as sandplay, writing, art, music, puppets, and role-play.
  • You will practice applying models whilst playing with a flow of creative media. For example, we will explore client-supervisee scenarios with sandplay, then use writing and role-play.
  • You will be taught the learning and supervision approaches you need.

The Certificate in Playfull Supervision(TM) training course is perfect for:

  • Qualifed counsellors, psychotherapists or play therapists working with adults, children and / or young people.
  • Professionals from a range of mental health, social work and education settings are also welcome.
  • People with at least one year’s post qualifying experience working with a client.
  • When you feel ready to start supervising practitioners on a one to one basis.



Why do the Certificate in Playfull Supervision(TM) course with us?

Benefits of this course

Certificate in Creative Counselling Supervision earth element
  • Learn new ways of working with a client.
  • Develop confidence in the supervisory relationship.
  • The course integrates play and creativity with learning and supervision models.
  • It is informed by Emma Steadman’s ongoing PhD research, as well as more than 17 years of clinical supervision experience.
  • The modules incorporate BACP competencies for supervision training.
  • Feel supported in a small group of 4 to 8 people.
  • The BACP ethical framework (2018) will be considered and applied through every module with focussed consideration of ethical development in module 4.
  • Suitable for BACP and UKCP counselling and psychotherapy Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Your Tutor

  • Emma Steadman (PhD) is an experienced play therapist (BACP), supervisor and trainer who has worked in CAMHS, charities and schools over the last eighteen years.

Emma has trained and supervised:

  • Play therapists in this country and internationally
  • Counsellors, sandplay therapists, social workers, teachers, Nurture Group staff, head teachers, and family support workers

Expert, friendly, supportive training

“Emma created a safe environment to practice and give things a go – probably the first time in a group environment that it felt free of judgement. It always felt safe to express my vulnerability, my not knowing and feel confident to give something a try. 

I enjoyed the use of creative methods, particularly the line colour and shape as it works well online. Especially the collegiate way it was done with no death by PowerPoint!”


Recent feedback from students

Next Certificate in Playfull Supervision(TM)

Pretending to be a Unicorn

Next course with spaces takes place over 4 weekend modules from 12th/13th October 2024



  • 12th/13th October 2024
  • 9th/10th November 2024
  • 7th/8th December 2024
  • 11th/12th January 2025

ONLINE courses via Zoom Meetings

10-4pm UK time LIVE both days

● £700 if paid in full by the start of the course or
● £800 if paid in instalments
● £250 from the full amount is needed as a non-refundable deposit at the time of booking
● Monthly payment plans are available by discussion with Emma

4 to 8 people

TO FIND OUT MORE AND BOOK YOUR PLACE please email Emma on ejsandplay@gmail.com

Course Requirements:

  • Self and peer assessment during the course.
  • 10-minute poster presentation of learning on last module.
  • 20 hours of supervised supervision practice.
  • Minimum of 5 x 1 ½ hour supervision sessions of supervision practice.
  • 2,000 word supervision case study to include a 10-minute transcription of a recorded supervision session, annotated with process notes.
  • To be submitted on the completion of 20 hours of supervision practice.

Weekend content in detail

  • Certificate in Creative Counselling Supervision earth element

    Weekend 1: Earth

    • Elementing. First things first. Co-creating an open learning space.
    • We will consider and thus practise co-contracting with agreed learning aims, identifying and working with relational dynamics, learning styles and learning models.
    • We will then look at developmental and process models of supervision as well as application of interpersonal neurobiology concepts.
  • Certificate in Creative Counselling Supervision water element

    Weekend 2: Water

    • Allowing the flow of creativity. Firstly, starting to practise creative approaches within supervision and learning models.
    • Identifying and working with difference and light and shadow in relational dynamics.
    • We will therefore play with applying creative approaches.
    • We will also explore concepts and experience relating to power and difference and how this can play out and be worked within supervision and practice.
  • Certificate in Creative Counselling Supervision fire element

    Weekend 3: Fire

    • Integrating creative approaches within learning and supervision models.
    • Also including practise and experiential learning.
  • Certificate in Creative Counselling Supervision air element

    Weekend 4: Air

    • Freedom to safely practise.
    • We will therefore look at ideas about ethical development and
    • Practise incorporating these concepts and the BACP Ethical Framework into creative supervision.

How to book for the Certificate in Playfull Supervision(TM)

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Step 1

Get in touch with Emma Steadman

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Schedule a call to confirm your place

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Step 3

Pay £250 deposit & choose your payment plan

To find out more and book please email Emma on ejsandplay@gmail.com

About Jill Carter Training

therapeutic arts

These expressive therapy courses basically explain the theories and research behind creativity in counselling, education and mental health environments. They are written and taught by Jill Carter, the UK’s leading creative trainer for sandplay therapy training courses. The team also includes Lindsay Toogood, Tina Hesse Irene Dudley-Swarbrick and Filipa Alvarez.

In addition, our sandplay, creative trauma and supervision courses can be used as Continuing Professional Development by BACP/UKCP/similar regulatory bodies.


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