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Creative Counselling Supervision Training & Courses

Our courses will teach you how to use creativity in a supervision session. For example, our unique research-based Certificate in Creative Supervision uses play to explore clinical supervision models. This creative approach is based specifically on Emma Steadman’s ongoing PhD research. It also draws on Emma’s fifteen years of therapy and supervision practice.  


These counselling supervision training courses are suitable for counsellors, play therapists and psychotherapists who are working with children, young people and adults. Professionals from other mental health, social work and education settings are also welcome to apply


Emma will also be running a new course called Minding the Gap. This is a day’s  introduction to the knowledge skills and approach needed to work as a school counsellor. It will take place in Colchester and Ealing. There will also be weekend courses using sandplay, art, music and meditation, as well as group supervision weekends.


We want to protect the joy and keep the faith in supervisory practice


Our supervision trainings are therefore designed as CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses for post qualifying counsellors and psychotherapists. Final stage counselling and psychotherapy students are also welcome to apply. Although you are not peer assessed, we encourage a reflective approach in group work and supervision sesions. We will also encourage you to find positive ways of looking after yourself.

All our teachers work as BACP or UKCP supervisors in counselling centres or schools. In addition, all are working as counsellors seeing children, adolescents and adults, and working to BACP Ethical Standards.

Counselling Supervision Training: Supervision Training Days

Minding the Gap – a one day Introduction to Working in Schools Day

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These one-day courses are designed for anyone starting out as a counsellor or therapist in a school. They are also suitable for existing school counsellors who would like extra support.

Emma Steadman has been a school counsellor and supervisor for 15 years. She will lead a small group through basics such as contracting, boundaries and how much to charge. You will discuss creating a safe space for yourself and your clients. You will also learn practical strategies to enhance your therapeutic role, safely and ethically.

The days will include lots of creativity and support in a small, nurturing group.

Tutor: Emma Steadman
Course Dates: 
Please contact Emma for dates, times and costs

Colchester venue: Willow Brook Primary School, Barnardiston Road, Colchester CO4 ODT
Ealing Venue: On Route, 44-46 South Ealing Road London W5 4QA

For more details and to book:   Email : ejsandplay@gmail.com

Counselling Supervision Training: Weekend Courses

Expectations and Expression in Clinical Supervision

supervision course Expectations and Expression

This is an independent, creative space to reflect on our supervisory practice. So, we will use sandplay and art to explore the developmental and process models of supervision, as well as Jungian, transpersonal and Gestalt ways of working. We will also look at what we expect of supervisors to protect ourselves from burning out.  Creativity can therefore help us to express our feelings about working as clinical supervisors. As a result, we may re-discover our sense of vocation.

Tutor: Emma Steadman
Course Dates: contact us for the next dates
Venue: Willow Brook Primary School, Barnardiston Road, Colchester CO4 ODT

For more details and to book:   Email : ejsandplay@gmail.com

Separatio – This is Yours, This is Mine

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‘Separatio’ means withdrawing our projections, that is being aware of when we are triggered by a client’s material. It is a term usually used in alchemy, which is the psychological process of turning lead into gold. So, a sense of therapeutic distance can protect us from burn-out.  ‘Separatio’ also helps us to build appropriate boundaries with other people, for example head teachers. This weekend course will use sandplay and art in order to explore  the meaning of perspective, in a small group. It is therefore designed as Continuing Professional Development for qualified counsellors and psychotherapists.

Tutor: Jill Carter
Course Dates: Contact us for the next dates
Venue: Willow Brook Primary School, Barnardiston Road, Colchester CO4 ODT

For more details and an application form:   Email : jill@jillcarter.co.uk

Counselling Supervision Training: Certificate in Creative Supervision

certificate in creative supervision

This creative counselling supervision training is designed for qualified counsellors and psychotherapists. However, professionals from mental health, social work and education settings are also welcome to apply.

Basically, we will use creative media in group work to explore existing supervision models. This will usually include sandplay, writing, art and music, as well as puppets and role-play. Generally, this will be a small group of between 4 and 8 people, but never more than 10.

In detail, this training consists of four weekend modules, which is one a month for four months. In addition, the entry requirement is that you have at least one year’s post qualifying experience as a therapist.

Tutor: Emma Steadman (MA, BACP)
Course Dates: Starting 23rd January 2021
Venue: Willow Brook Primary School, Barnardiston Road, Colchester CO4 ODT

For more details and to book: Email : ejsandplay@gmail.com