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creative expressive arts therapy

This integrative and creative expressive arts therapy course builds on the teaching on the Certificate.The Certificate teaches you key skills and techniques using visual art and clay with children, young people and adults. The Diploma expands on this. It includes advanced skills with art as well as integrating other creative expressive therapies. This will include sandplay, dance and movement, music and meditation. We will also teach you how to use art with families and in groups.


Our ethos is very flexible: we will help you choose your own way of working by introducing many different integrative models

Diploma in Creative Expressive Arts Therapy

It therefore includes creative and arts therapy ideas from the Gestalt, Jungian and Transpersonal psychotherapeutic schools, as well as spiritual traditions such as Buddhism and Gnosticism. As a result, this wide range of knowledge and felt experience allows you as an arts therapist to go to a deeper level in your client work. You can also tailor your therapeutic work to fit individual clients, ages and mental health issues.

Creative expressive arts therapy supports our physical and emotional personal growth as therapists

Forms of creative expressive arts therapy can therefore help us to release our own  feelings and transferences in a kind and loving way. So, there will be self-process and group work on this course. Creativity is an excellent tool in supervision and in our own self-care. We will show you ways of using arts music and other creative media to nourish yourself as a practitioner.

creative expressive arts therapy

This creative expressive therapies course concentrates on the ideas of Alchemy .

This is the concept of changing ourselves from ‘lead’ to ‘gold’ on a psychological and spiritual level. We will also relate this to the idea of Relational Alchemy, which is the latest trauma model based on the Sensorimotor work of Pat Ogden. In particular, we will explore the belief that our bodies hold suppressed feelings and memories. We believe that somatic, creative therapy can help our bodies to process and dissolve trauma.


Creative expressive arts therapy is more than just art


We will also include arts based therapies such as sandplay, meditation, guided visualisation, movement and poetry during this course. This allows us as practitioners to guide clients to the places where they are drawn. Visual art is very easily incorporated into other therapeutic arts modalities. We will give you the skills to encourage even the most paintbrush-shy client to make their mark.

creative expressive arts therapy

Creative arts therapies are especially useful when working with complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD).


We will show you accessible techniques to encourage your clients to safely communicate with any young, dissociated parts. A talking therapy session can’t access very early trauma because it happened when we were too young to speak. Our brains weren’t joined up enough to make cognitive meaning out of the world around us. There are many evidence-based and researched techniques behind expressive arts and trauma. We will use the work of Bessel van der Kolk and Stephen Porges.


Art can help us to recover some meaning from our life’s experiences. It can also help us process and therefore heal trauma without having to talk about it.

creative expressive arts therapy

Creative Expressive Arts Therapy: Topics covered will include:

  • The ‘enemy within’ – how our shadow qualities show themselves in life, in dreams and in visual art. Learning to love all ‘parts’ of ourselves and not to reject them. The work of the Jungian writer Donald Kalsched.
  • Mind, Body and Soul – Relating Jungian, transpersonal and spiritual ideas to the latest trauma and neuroscience research using art, meditation and music. The Essence of the transpersonal writer Almaas.
  • Alchemy – illustrating and feeling the creative process from lead to gold in therapy. The Jungian stages of Edward Edinger, Titus Burckhardt and the strange world of Hieronymus Bosch.
  • Working with Families and Groups – using counselling which includes art to enable communication between people. How the patterns around us as children become an integral part of us.
  • Directed and non-directed art form – knowing when and how to step in and when to allow the process to continue at its own pace. Practical ideas and exercises suitable for young people, children and adults.
  • Art in a wider creative intellectual context – using art with sandplay, music therapy, meditation, art dance and drama.
Course Requirements

This course is designed as Continuing Professional Development for qualified counsellors, psychotherapists and play therapists. You have to have completed our foundation year, the Certificate in Integrative Art before coming onto this Diploma. You don’t have to have finished all your client hours however. We can be flexible on this. The course is designed in weekend modules in order to fit around full time work and other commitments.


Entry requirements: firstly, there is some reading set between the weekends as well as some reflective exercises.  In addition, you are required to present a client to the group at some point. However, there is no written work during this expressive arts therapy course. So, you can use it as Continuing Professional Development (suitable for BACP and UKCP) or purely as a way of looking after yourself. If you would like the Diploma, we need you to do 50 hours of client work including art. Although there is no deadline for these hours, so take as long as you need. We can also suggest suitably qualified supervisors and personal therapists to support you in your work. Supervision and therapy are additional costs.

The cost is £1800 if paid before the course begins. After that, it is £2000 payable in instalments. In either case, a non-refundable deposit of £250 from the above amount is needed to secure a place.


Next Expressive Arts Therapy Introductory weekend now booking for March 20/21st 2021 online via ZOOM. Contact Jill for a booking form.


So, we anticipate the next Certificate course running Autumn 2021 with the Diploma being in 2022. You must do the certificate course first.

This course needs 6 people in order to go ahead on planned date. If less than that, we can offer other dates, other courses or a full refund.

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