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Sandplay Therapy Training: Diploma in Integrative Sandplay

Creativity enhances our professional practice and nourishes us in life

  • The Diploma is the second year of our sandplay therapy training. It therefore follows on from the Certificate in Integrative Sandplay
  • You will explore your own sense of calling, self and spirituality in a small, supportive group working to BACP standards. You will also learn how to avoid burnout by finding time for self-care
  • We will also explore commonly-used trauma models such as Internal Family Systems and Polyvagal Theory in sandplay. As well as the key Jungian theories of Dora Kalff
  • In addition, we will teach the theory and practice of transpersonal writers such as the Buddhist-inspired theorist Ken Wilber. Also, Michael Washburn’s idea of ‘regression in the service of transcendence’. We will then look at Stanislav Grof’s concept of consciousness before and during birth.
  • Sandplay therapy is often used alongside talking therapy. It is also easily combined with other creative arts therapies. So, we will explore simple ways of using sand tray to introduce mindfulness and sound healing
  • This is particularly useful as part of a spiritual practice for both clients and therapists. We will also be using techniques from music therapy and dance movement therapy

This popular sandplay therapy training course is perfect for:

  • Your work in counselling and psychotherapy. Your job as a clinical psychologist, play therapist, wellbeing or mental health practitioner with children, adolescents and/or adults
  • Professionals working in a variety of settings e.g., school, nursery, SEN or CAMHS
  • Building on your learning and experience as a Certified Sandplay Therapist
  • Feeling supported and nourished so that you can prevent burnout

If the Certificate is the how, the Diploma is the why

Completing the Certificate gave you the key practical skills to work as a sandplay therapist. Now, the Diploma will deepen your personal and professional development. It also provides a nurturing, free and protected space in which to explore your clinical work and self-awareness.

We suggest you also read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Why do the Diploma in Integrative Sandplay with us?

Benefits of this course

  • Explore ways of using symbolic play to represent and heal ‘parts’ of our personalities.
  • Bring together sandplay research and the latest trauma models using symbols.
  • Look at systemic ways of working with sandplay with families, parents and children, couples and groups.
  • Relate sand and other forms of play therapy to the mental health world.
  • Integrate trauma models such as Internal Family Systems into sand tray work.
  • Explore spirituality, meaning and self-care in a small supportive group.
  • Fits around your family and work commitments.
  • All our certified sandplay training courses are suitable for BACP and UKCP counselling and psychotherapy Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Your Tutor

  • Lindsey Toogood has been a practising integrative relational counsellor for over twenty years.
  • She is an experienced play therapist, sand play practitioner, supervisor and mindfulness teacher.
  • Lindsey also combines creative therapy, playful and body-based approaches into a holistic way of working. In fact she used to be a primary school teacher and completed a master’s degree with an emphasis on psychology and child development.
  • Lindsey has worked for low-cost counselling services (adolescents and adults). Also for a large relationship charity working in primary and secondary schools.
  • She has a training in EMDR and is currently training in sensorimotor psychotherapy.

Expert, friendly, supportive training

“The sand diploma is one of the most amazing journeys you go on both in a personal and a professional level. The tutor was amazing and had such knowledge and insight which helped deepen the understanding of the power that sand has on a therapeutic level. The work around IFS, trauma, systemic work and the spiritual work was not only profound but also inspiring.
I’d therefore recommend it to anyone who wants to make a difference in the world. The power sand holds in the therapeutic space still amazes me everytime I use it.”


Next Diploma in Integrative Sandplay therapy training course

The course takes place over 5 weekend modules from 8th/9th October 2022

● 8th/9th October 2022
● 3rd/4th December 2022
● 4th/5th February 2023
● 22nd/23rd April 2023
● 17th/18th June 2023

ONLINE courses via Zoom Meetings. Face to face courses will resume in 2023. Let us know if you would prefer to do this course in person.

10-4pm UK time LIVE both days

● £250 deposit. Then choose from three payment options:
● 10 affordable monthly instalments of £175 per calendar month or
● 5 instalments of £350 each or
● Pay £1550 before the course starts – this is the best value option – total cost £1800

Please note, you need to have 8 hours of supervision with one of our Training Supervisors at an additional cost. 

6 to 10 people.

Weekend content in detail

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    Weekend 1: Sandplay in a Wider Context

    • How creativity can help us to safely explore the superego and the unconscious rules that we face in our families as children.
    • Introduction to key systemic writers such as Virginia Satir and Gregory Bateson.
    • Using sandplay in families and in groups. The power of genograms as a way of seeing family patterns in our clients. Reading and supervisors lists.
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    Weekend 2: Parts work in Sandplay

    • The Internal Family Systerms model of Dick Schwartz in sand. How to encourage a better experience of attachment between parent and child via joint trays.
    • Enabling joint play in therapy. Techniques also suitable for sandplay in couples work.
    • Ways of incorporating meditation and belief into sandplay therapy, using the Integral Model of the transpersonal writer Ken Wilber.
  • buddha mandala psychotherapy

    Weekend 3: Being in the Moment

    • Using the Polyvagal Ladder to help keep our clients present.
    • Simple, practical techniques to help clients and their dissociated parts stay in the room.
    • The existential crisis in the work of Michael Washburn’s regression in the service of transcendence.
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    Weekend 4: Sand as a means of Alchemical Spiritual Change

    • A simple, practical exploration of the Jungian psychological process of turning lead into gold.
    • Edward Edinger’s seven basic stages of change in seven sandtrays.
    • Examples and case studies from our own practice.
  • Certified Sandplay Therapy Training Courses Jill Carter

    Weekend 5: Life and Death

    • Looking at Stanislav Grof’s transpersonal ideas of consciousness before birth, which had a huge impact on how we treat pregnant women and the birth process.
    • Relating sandplay to older clients – helping those with dementia to express themselves without words.
    • Preparing clients (and ourselves) for a conscious death through creativity.

    Diploma Sandplay Therapy Training Course Requirements

    jill carter training creative supervision
    Follows the Certificate in Integrative Sandplay
    You can choose to do the Diploma the year after the Certificate, or take a break and come back to it.

    Many groups formed on the Certificate stay together for this second year of training

    Certified Sandplay Therapy Training Courses Jill Carter
    Commit to 5 weekends over the academic year
    There is no written work during this course, but there is guided reading set between the modules.

    In addition, you will use opportunities to present clients and take part in group supervision during the weekends.

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    50 hours of work with clients
    The Diploma helps you understand the theory and practice of sandplay therapy on a personal, professional and spiritual level.

    The 50 hours of work includes sandplay. We may be able to suggest suitably qualified supervision.

    How to book for the Diploma in Integrative Sandplay Therapy Training

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    Step 1

    Fill in our online booking form

    Certified Sandplay Therapy Training Courses Jill Carter
    Step 2

    Schedule a call to confirm your place

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    Step 3

    Pay £250 deposit & choose your payment plan

    About Jill Carter Training

    trauma training courses

    These expressive therapy courses explain the theories and research behind creativity in counselling, education and mental health environments. They are written and taught by Jill Carter, the UK’s leading creative trainer for sandplay therapy training courses. Also, Lindsey Toogood, Helen Hawkins and Bekki Watson.

    In addition, our sandplay, expressive arts, creative trauma and supervision courses can be used as BACP or UKCP Continuing Professional Development.


    The three levels of Sandplay Therapy Training:

    jill carter training creative supervision
    Introduction to Sandplay Therapy

    If you are curious about or new to sandplay therapy, this is the best place to start.

    Certified Sandplay Therapy Training Courses Jill Carter
    Certificate in Integrative Sandplay Therapy

    This is the next level of training and is our main key skills course.

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    Diploma in Integrative Sandplay Therapy

    The Diploma builds on and expands the skills of the previous courses.

    Check this general overview on sandplay therapy and why it is effective
    Read our FAQs here

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