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integrative arts training and courses

Why is Expressive Art Therapeutic?

You will learn simple ways to encourage children, young people and adult clients to express themselves in therapy

Integrative expressive art is an expression of emotion. It also helps us to process memories and calm our minds. It is therefore an effective therapeutic tool for counsellors and psychotherapists. On our creative arts therapy training courses, you will learn research-based expressive art skills to use in your work. You will also become confident using drawing, painting and clay. In addition, our small, friendly groups will help you develop your own ways to encourage creativity with your clients.

The popularity of adult colouring books proves that we still need the magic of art in this technology-driven world. Counselling that includes visual art also encourages clients to be really present in the room.

Our Introduction, Certificate and Diploma expressive therapy courses will teach you evidence-based practical techniques you can adapt to different ages and counselling environments.

Other creative arts therapies are also effective in counselling which includes art. So, these expressive therapy courses will also use music, meditation, music drama, dance, breath work and sandplay.

Why use Expressive Art Therapy in your work?

The world is showing us the importance of art and creativity: art is an expression of the soul and humanity

  • Art is ideal for clients who struggle with words. Children in particular will be able to express emotions, process traumatic memories and improve their behaviour quite quickly.
  • Art can also help adolescent and adult clients express feelings in a safe, non-verbal way. All of our art therapy courses are therefore based on recent research and our own clinical case studies.
  • The Introduction is a good place to start if you are new to art therapy or want to see if you like our way of working.
  • Our teaching is online at the moment. We will soon be offering both online and face to face courses

Why do these Expressive Art courses with us?

expressive arts therapy UK
expressive arts therapy training UK
how expressive art works

Our courses are designed to fit around your life, including family commitments:

  • Join a small, friendly and interactive group of 6 to 10 people
  • Use creative arts therapies such as art, music and meditation to create an expressive, healing space.
  • Learn practical, research-based skills based on research-based models that work.
  • Enjoy space for group and individual consultation art therapy sessions during our course of training.
  • Join a community of students who have already completed our courses.
  • Feel supported by our team of creative supervisors.
  • Become a well-rounded, confident art therapist able to use art with clients, in supervision and as a way of looking after yourself.
  • All our expressive art training courses are suitable for BACP and UKCP counselling and psychotherapy Continuing Professional Development (CPD).


Our tutor:

  • Irene Dudley-Swarbrick PhD tries to live her life creatively, colourfully and with compassion. She is a senior academic in Counselling and Psychotherapy training, teaching both talking therapies and Person-Centred Expressive Art Therapy.
  • In 2019, she co-wrote and launched the first MSc in Contemporary Creative Approaches. She is a published researcher.
  • Irene also maintains a private practice offering Creative Psychotherapy that integrates her work as an Expressive Art Therapist with Process-Experiential and Emotion-Focused talking therapies.


Expert, friendly, supportive training

“I was impressed and inspired by Jill’s professionalism. Her handouts are excellent and she has encyclopaedic knowledge. Above all, I loved the personal qualities that she brings. She has such generosity of spirit and warmth of heart. Therefore the pace is gentle yet firm and her holding of the space exceptional. After experiencing psychotherapy training in other institutions, I would rate Jill’s arts therapy training as masterful and highly competent. In conclusion, the handouts are eloquent and erudite. Also, the symbol collection is second to none. In fact, the experiental expressive therapy courses were deeply effective and in my case, life-changing.”


Course Requirements

We are launching our expressive art therapy courses face-to-face in Lancaster September 2022:

BOOK BELOW to get onto the first introductory weekends in September and November 2022. There will be a Certificate starting in early 2023 followed by a Diploma in 2024.

Certificate and Diploma courses:

  • You must have a counselling qualification (or similar) to be awarded the Certificate. Also, be aware that you must complete the Certificate before the Diploma course. There will be some written work. Your supervisor and course tutor will also assess you.

We work to the BACP Ethical Framework (2018)

We recommend that you are in personal therapy and we may be able to suggest an  expressive arts therapist.


We offer three levels of Expressive Art Therapy Training

expressive arts therapy UK

1. Introduction to Expressive Arts Therapy weekend

In general, the best place to start if you are new to arts therapy is the online introduction weekend. This is perfect if you are curious about art therapy. This face-to-face course will take place in Lancaster, Lancashire from 10am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. We may also offer an online version of this course.

Next dates: 17/18th September 2022 OR 26/27th November 2022

Fees: £250 payable on booking

certificate in integrative art

2. Certificate in Integrative Creative and Expressive Art Therapy

This is our main key skills art therapy training. You can complete the certificate in one year. It takes 5 weekends and the timings are family friendly. You must have a counselling qualification (or similar) to be awarded the full Certificate.

How to book:
1. Complete the application form
2. Schedule a call to confirm your place
3. Pay your deposit and choose your payment plan

Next dates: TBC

Fees: £250 deposit. From £1800 in total, with affordable monthly payment plans available

creative expressive arts therapy

3. Diploma in Integrative Creative and Expressive Art Therapy

The online Diploma is perfect once you have completed our Certificate course. The Diploma takes place over 5 weekends and builds on and expands the skills of the previous courses.. You must have a counselling qualification (or similar) to join.

How to book:
1. Complete the application form
2. Schedule a call to confirm your place
3. Pay your deposit and choose your payment plan

Next dates: TBC

Fees: £250 deposit. From £1800 in total, with affordable monthly payment plans available

How to book your Certificate or Diploma in Integrative Expressive Art

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1. Contact us for a booking form
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2. Schedule a call to confirm your place
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3. Pay £250 deposit and choose your payment plan

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