expressive art training and courses
integrative expressive art training and courses

Why is Expressive Art Therapeutic?

Integrative expressive art helps us to express feelings, process memories and calm our minds. It is therefore an effective therapeutic tool for counsellors and psychotherapists. On our creative arts therapy training courses, you will learn research-based expressive art skills  to use in your work. You will also become confident using drawing, painting and clay. In addition, our small, friendly groups will help you develop your own ways to encourage creativity with your clients.


You will learn simple ways to encourage children, young people and adult clients to express themselves in therapy


The popularity of adult colouring books proves that we still need the magic of art in this technology-driven world. Counselling that includes visual art also encourages clients to be really present in the room. Our Introduction, Certificate and Diploma expressive therapy courses will teach you evidence-based practical techniques you can adapt to different ages and counselling environments.


You don’t have to be an artist or art therapist to use creative arts in counselling


Jill Carter has been teaching expressive art courses in London and online for 17 years. She will help you overcome any fears you have about drawing. You will also learn ways to use visual arts as an assessment tool. This allows you to keep track of progress with your clients. Our teaching integrates theories from object relations’, Jungian, Transpersonal, Gestalt and Trauma-Informed Art therapy in a sensible, person-centred way.


Other creative arts therapies are also effective in counselling which includes art. So, these expressive therapy courses will also use music, meditation, music drama, dance, breath work and sandplay.

how integrative art works
how integrative art training works
how integrative art training works

You are welcome to join our supportive and nourishing community. For example, many students who have completed the Certificate do the Diploma together. There are also regular webinars, supervision days and closed online groups.

All of our courses are suitable for BACP and UKCP counselling and psychotherapy Continuing Professional Development (CPD). In addition, we work to BACP Ethical Standards.

It is often useful to be in personal therapy during our trainings. If we feel you would benefit from counselling, we will talk to you privately. Often, we may be able to suggest therapists. Likewise, we can sometimes provide details of supervisors.

All art materials are provided. These courses are taught on a regular basis in Essex and London.

The next introduction weekend course is with Jill Carter 20/21st March ONLINE via Zoom Meetings

We offer three levels of expressive therapy courses – many students chose to start with an introductory weekend, the key skills’ training is the Certificate and the Diploma deepens our knowledge of ourselves and our inner world.

Expressive Arts Therapy: An Online Introduction

expressive arts therapy activities in counselling

You will learn practical therapeutic skills using expressive art therapy activities such as drawing and painting. This course is therefore suitable for everyone working with children, adolescents or adults. Specifically, it is ideal for counsellors, psychotherapists and students looking to bring more creativity to ‘talking’ therapy. Our aim is to help you feel more confident and relaxed about using arts therapy in the counselling room. Online cost £250

Tutor: Jill Carter

Course Dates:  20/21st March 2021

Venue: ONLINE via Zoom Meetings


Certificate in Integrative Expressive Art

certificate in integrative art

The Certificate in Integrative Expressive Art provides key skills for working with  children, young people and adults. There will be lots of practical advice and research-based presentations. You will study Carl Jung’s mandalas, Violet Oaklander’s Gestalt Play Therapy model and the trauma-informed art therapy of Cathy Malchiodi. The group is small, so there is also space for one-to-one support.

This training course is taught by Emma Steadman. It is designed for people with some experience as a counsellor or psychotherapist. In addition, it is an experiential training, so you will be doing your own drawings and paintings.

The cost is £1800 if you pay before the start of the course. After that, it is £2000 payable in instalments.  Payment plans are also available. The course runs in five weekend modules over a year.

Tutor: Emma Steadman

Course Dates:  Contact us for dates

Venue: Willow Brook Primary School, Colchester, Essex


Diploma in Integrative Expressive Art

creative expressive arts therapy

The Diploma in Integrative Expressive Art builds on the skills learnt in the Certificate. It will in particular explore self-care and spirituality through art. This includes studying the work of Jungian, Transpersonal and Buddhist therapists. The Diploma will also use visual arts in a wider creative context. This may include sandplay, meditation, music, dance drama and dream work. In addition, we will also discuss trauma-informed art techniques for children, young people and adults. There is experiential work and self-process in this course.

The Diploma course is suitable for counsellors and psychotherapists already working with children, adolescents and adults. The cost is £1800 paid before the course starts. After that, it is £2000 payable in instalments.

Tutor: Jill Carter
Course Dates: The next dates will be in 2021
Venue: Ealing area of West London