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Trauma Therapy: Diploma in Working Creatively with Trauma™

What we need in order to heal is already within us

This Trauma Therapy Diploma explores any potential meaning of trauma in our lives. Jill Carter will therefore guide a small group using sandplay, art, breath, music, movement and poetry.

During this Diploma course, we will further extend the skills learned on the Certificate course.  You will therefore develop effective, evidence-based expressive arts techniques to support people who have experienced trauma. We will at the same time take a broader overview.

Gentle self-exploration through creativity also protects us from vicarious or secondary trauma. By befriending our own traumatic experiences as well as collective traumas, we build a connection to what Winnicott called our True Self. We will use creativity in order to examine the role that trauma has played in our own lives, our clients’ lives and in society as a whole. This approach also models to our clients that it is possible to live a healthy and boundaried life.

This Trauma Therapy Diploma course uses expressive arts. It is certainly an effective type of therapy for working with people with a history of relational trauma. Creative exploration can also be integrated into talking therapy. This includes:

  • The NICE-recognised trauma therapy treatments for PTSD in the NHS
  • For example, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)
  • Trauma-focussed CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

This popular training course is perfect for:

  • Your work as a counsellor, psychotherapist, clinical psychologist, play therapist, wellbeing or mental health practitioner with children, adolescents and/or adults
  • Professionals working in an educational/mental health setting, e.g., school, nursery, SEN or CAMHS.
  • Building on your learning and experience from the Certificate in Working Creatively with Trauma ™
  • Feeling supported and nourished so that you can avoid burnout

We suggest you also read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Topics covered in this Trauma Therapy Diploma will include:

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Compassion and more holistic trauma treatments

  • Discover how sandplay, art and other creative arts can help us to peel back the layers of damage
  • The spiritual view of trauma is that this allows us to re-connect to a whole and perfect Self. We can then see the symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as the body’s attempt to heal itself.
  • As a result, you are able to view dissociation, flashbacks and recurring traumatic memories as a sign of mental health not mental illness.
  • Encouraging your clients to explore and be curious about their inner worlds is an empowering way of treating PTSD. It is designed to complement talking therapies, existing trauma protocols and medication for PTSD.

A reflective, creative look at the role of memory and identity

  • The role of families as well as transgenerational and cultural heritage.
  • The work of Carl Jung and the transpersonal writer Almaas. 
  • Trauma therapy from different spiritual perspectives, including Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Sufism.
  • Explore the difference beween empathy, compassion and empathic burnout

Why do the Trauma Therapy Diploma in Working Creatively with Trauma™ course with us?

Benefits of this course

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  • This Trauma Therapy Diploma course is a good way of looking after yourself, in fact many students come for that reason
  • Learn simple ways of integrating creativity into your day-to-day working life
  • Enjoy working in a safe, independent space using supervision, self-care and meditative practices. This protects us from burn out or vicarious psychological trauma.
  • Gain all the skills you need to confidently use creativity in trauma therapy
  • Awareness of the role of trauma in the lives of children, adults, families and societies.
  • Gain a Trauma Therapy Diploma in Working Creatively with Trauma™ on completion of the taught hours, client and supervision hours, as well as having been assessed by your supervisor and teacher.
  • There is no written work on this course, although a small amount of reading and meditative practice is set throughout the training.
  • All our certified trauma therapy training courses are suitable for BACP and UKCP counselling and psychotherapy Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
  • We work to BACP standards and can help with finding a suitably qualified supervisor.

Your Tutor

Certified Sandplay Therapy Training Courses Jill Carter
  • Jill Carter has been teaching and supervising arts and sandplay therapy for 15 years.
  • She is a Child, Adolescent Family & Adult UKCP and BACP Psychotherapist and Registered Training Supervisor.
  • Jill is also an EMDR Therapist.
  • She has already taught hundreds of creative arts and sandplay therapy students.

Expert, friendly, supportive training

“I was impressed and inspired by Jill’s professionalism. Her handouts are excellent and she has encyclopaedic knowledge. Above all, I loved the personal qualities that she brings. She has such generosity of spirit and warmth of heart. Therefore the pace is gentle yet firm and her holding of the space exceptional. After experiencing psychotherapy training in other institutions, I would rate Jill’s arts therapy training as masterful and highly competent. In conclusion, the handouts are eloquent and erudite. Also, the symbol collection is second to none. In fact, the experiental expressive therapy courses were deeply effective and in my case, life-changing.”


Next Diploma in Working Creatively with Trauma™

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The Trauma Therapy Diploma course takes place over 5 weekend modules. Contact us for next dates. 

ONLINE courses via Zoom Meetings. We will offer face-to-face courses when there is demand for them. Let us know if you would prefer to do this course in person.

10-4pm UK time LIVE all days


  • £350 deposit. Then choose from two payment options:
  • 7 affordable monthly instalments of £215 per calendar month total cost £1855
  • Pay £1350 before the course starts – this is the better value option- total cost £1700

6 to 10 people.

Weekend content in detail

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    Weekend 1: Empathy, compassion and burnout

    • How can we alter our view of trauma to build a better relationship with our wounds?
    • Can we as therapists learn to protect ourselves from burnout using compassion?
    • Exploring our boundaries using the healing power of Qigong
    • The work of Tania Singer. Reading and supervisors lists.
  • dragon circle icon

    Weekend 2: It all goes down in your mind

    • What is the cost to us as children of maintaining our parental attachment?
    • Can we as adults re-discover the authenticity we have lost?
    • How can we slip the mantle of ‘normal’ & learn to embrace our differences?
    • Exploring the work of Gabor Maté and Compassionate Inquiry
  • buddha mandala psychotherapy

    Weekend 3: Worth, self-worth and blame

    • Explore some of the spiritual views of trauma, including from the Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, Hindu and Islamic worlds.
    • You will also learn simple techniques to explore belief with clients.
    • The grounding books of Jeff Brown
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    Weekend 4: What's not mine IS mine

    • How we hold the unconscious patterns and beliefs of our parents, grandparents and ancestors.
    • Living fully in this challenging world whilst keeping an open and compassionate heart
    • Exploring Collective Shadow through fairy stories and storytelling
    • Based on the work of Thomas Hübl
  • Certified Sandplay Therapy Training Courses Jill Carter

    Weekend 5: The future of trauma therapy

    • How to use your sense of self to integrate the theories and experiential work on the course.
    • Tips on taking this holistic view of trauma treatment into a clinical or talking therapy environment.
    • Explanation of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy by a top UK researcher
    • Bodywork and mindfulness exercises to support yourself afterwards.

    Trauma Therapy Diploma Course Requirements

    Follows the Certificate in Working Creatively with Trauma ™
    You can choose to do the Diploma the year after the Certificate, or take a break and come back to it.

    Many groups formed on the Certificate stay together for this second year of training

    Commit to 5 weekends over the academic year
    There is no written work during this course, but there is guided reading set between the modules.

    In addition, you will use opportunities to present clients and take part in group supervision during the weekends.

    50 hours of work with clients
    The Diploma helps you understand the theory and practice of creative trauma therapy on a personal, professional and spiritual level.

    The 50 hours of work includes sandplay and creative arts. We may be able to suggest suitably qualified supervision.

    How to book for the Trauma Therapy Diploma in Working Creatively with Trauma™

    Step 1

    Fill in our online booking form

    Step 2

    Schedule a call to confirm your place

    Step 3

    Pay £350 deposit & choose your payment plan

    About Jill Carter Training

    therapeutic arts

    These expressive therapy courses explain the theories and research behind creativity in counselling, education and mental health environments. They are written and taught by Jill Carter, the UK’s leading creative trainer for sandplay therapy training courses, along with Lindsey Toogood, Tina Hesse and Laura McGuinness.

    In addition, our sandplay, expressive arts, creative trauma and supervision courses can be used as BACP or UKCP Continuing Professional Development.


    The three levels of Trauma Therapy Training:

    Introduction to Working Creatively with Trauma™

    If you are curious about or new to trauma therapy, this is the best place to start.

    Certificate in Working Creatively with Trauma™

    This is the next level of training and is our main key skills course.

    Diploma in Working Creatively with Trauma™

    The Diploma builds on and expands the skills of the previous courses.

    Check this general overview on trauma therapy and why it is effective
    Read our FAQs here

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