certificate in creative trauma
certificate in creative trauma

Trauma Therapy Training: Certificate in Working Creatively with Trauma™

Join the only Certificate in Creative Trauma Therapy training CPD course in the UK

  • It uses creative arts therapies to help you understand and ground the most commonly-used trauma treatments. You will learn evidence-based expressive arts UK theory and key practical skills training for professionals working with trauma. The techniques we teach are suitable for developing an understanding of trauma in both short term and long term therapeutic work.
  • The focus is on experiential creative learning. So, you will learn our evidence-based creative therapeutic method. There will especially be practical advice and a chance to try creativity yourself. We will also use other expressive arts therapies such as sandplay, music, mindfulness and meditations. We will nurture ourselves in a free, protected space.
  • Accessible and affordable creative arts training skills for working with trauma clients including children, adolescents and adults
    We will explore the work of trauma specialists such as Bessel van der Kolk, Stephen Porges and Dick Schwartz via sandplay, art, music and movement. Also, we will examine the impact of dissociation and other defences against feeling. You will also become aware of the trauma methods recommended for use in NHS and educational environments, e.g. Trauma Focussed CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing EMDR.
  • This flexible and accessible approach helps you to integrate ways of working with clients who have faced traumatic events including the consequences of Covid 19 pandemic.
  • We hope it will also take the fear out of working with trauma. It will also help you to relate trauma work to familiar counselling techniques and methods. You will therefore be able to identify symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).This trauma therapy training will teach you how to identify and treat symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder PTSD. You will also learn techniques to use with both single incident and relational or complex trauma.

This popular trauma therapy training course is perfect for:

  • Counsellors and psychotherapists, as well as clinical psychologists, play therapists, wellbeing or mental health practitioners
  • Professionals working with traumatised clients in an educational/mental health setting, e.g., school, nursery, SEN or CAMHS
  • Using sandplay and play therapy skills to understand the role played by trauma and ptsd
  • The focus is on experiential creative learning so you learn our evidence-based creative therapeutic method
  • There will be practical advice and a chance to try creativity yourself. We will also use other expressive arts therapies such as sandplay, music, mindfulness and meditations. We will nurture ourselves in a free, protected space


  • Please note, it is advisable to have had some counselling before this course
  • We may suggest doing the Introduction weekend first, before starting on this Certificate. If you are interested in continuing after this course, the next step is the Diploma course which deepens our understanding of the role of trauma or wounds


We suggest you also read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Topics covered will include:

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  • Naming our wounds – some definitions of trauma including the differences between simple and complex or developmental trauma. Why some people are more vulnerable to PTSD. How our childhoods affect our ability to process pain especially during the pandemic.
  • Collective Trauma – How to work with clients in a covid world. How will the way we relate to each other via screens change the counselling relationship? Potential differences between working with children and adults.
  • Dissociation: staying in our bodies. How creativity helps expression and creates safety. We are therefore honoured, held and integrated. The work of Bessel van der Kolk and Stephen Porges.
  • Loving the Darkness Within – the shadow work of the Jungian writer Donald Kalsched explored through painting and visualisation.
  • Holding the Shattered Parts – how the environment around us as children becomes our inner world. Internal Family Systems theory of Richard Schwartz explicitly explored through sandplay. Masha will also introduce us to Sound Healing.
  • How to use expressive arts online – how and when to introduce different creative mediums – sandplay, art, music and movement – into talking therapy.
  • Intergenerational Trauma – releasing the burdens of our past.

Why do the Certificate in Working Creatively with Trauma™ course with us?

Benefits of this course

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  • Feel confident about introducing play into face-to-face and online work after this experiential trauma therapy training
  • You will learn how to use creative media and expressive arts face to face and online with clients
  • Explore dissociation as a response to developmental or complex trauma and discuss ways of working with children, adolescents, adults and groups.
  • Learn the latest techniques and research on collective trauma post Covid
  • Feel supported in a small group of 6 to 10 people
  • Discover good ways of looking after yourself. In fact many students come for that reason.
  • So, to gain the Certificate, you need to do 50 hours with a client that include creative arts. However, there is no time deadline on this – take as long as you need.
  • There is no written work on this course. Although a small amount of reading is set throughout the training.
  • You are encouraged to present client material in group sessions during the weekends.
  • We work to BACP standards and can help you to find a suitably qualified supervisor. Also, you may be able to use your own supervisor (check with Jill) if she/he has suitable experience and qualifications in creative arts training.
  • Connect with expert, friendly, supportive tutors . All our staff are BACP and/or UKCP therapists and supervisors.
  • All our certified trauma therapy training courses are suitable for BACP and UKCP counselling and psychotherapy Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Your Tutor

  • Lindsey Toogood has been a practising integrative relational counsellor for over twenty years.
  • She is also an experienced play therapist, sand play practitioner, supervisor and mindfulness teacher. Lindsey combines creative, playful and body-based approaches into a holistic way of working.
  • She used to be a primary school teacher and completed a master’s degree with an emphasis on psychology and child development.
  • Lindsey has worked for low-cost counselling services for adolescents and adults. Also for a large relationship charity working in primary and secondary schools.
  • She has a training in EMDR and is currently training in sensorimotor psychotherapy.

Expert, friendly, supportive training

“Jill’s workshops were very well organised with lots of recommendations for pre-reading in addition to the generous provision of articles and creative resources. Her clear yet empathic approach created an environment for learning and self-reflection and her vast range of therapeutic skills and knowledge of trauma was helpfully modelled. Jill invited some very interesting practitioners into the workshops as a way to provide insight into different methods for working creatively. The workshops were heavily based upon experiential learning so were very powerful and life-enhancing. Despite the course being online due to Covid-19 restrictions, Jill created and held a very safe and nurturing space.”

Daisy, Certificate in Working Creatively with Trauma, 2021

Next Certificate in Working Creatively with Trauma Therapy Training

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The course takes place over 5 weekend modules from 17th/18th September 20224th/25th September 2022

● 17th/18th September 2022
● 26th/27th November 2022
● 28th/29th January 2023
● 25th/26th March 2023
● 20th/21st May 2023

ONLINE courses via Zoom Meetings. Face to face courses will resume in 2023. Let us know if you would prefer to do this course in person.

10-4pm UK time LIVE both days

● £250 deposit. Then choose from three payment options:
● 10 affordable monthly instalments of £175 per calendar month or
● 5 instalments of £350 each or
● Pay £1550 before the course starts – this is the best value option – total cost £1800

6 to 10 people.

Weekend content in detail

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    Weekend 1: Introduction to the group and working creatively

    Feeling our way into trauma. The importance of confidentiality, boundaries, ethics and contracting. Clinical and creative definitions of trauma, NICE guidelines and diagnostic criteria. The work of Bessel van der Kolk in trauma-informed sandplay.
    Reading and supervisors lists.

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    Weekend 2: Trauma and the Body

    How the body, brain and spirit protects against trauma. The Polyvagal work of Stephen Porges and Deb Dana. How to co-regulate ourselves and our clients using creativity. Practical tools to prevent secondary or vicarious trauma. Yoga as self-care.

  • buddha mandala psychotherapy

    Weekend 3: Loving the darkness within

    The creative world of Jung. We will be using painting to explore ‘The Other’ or the Shadow as expressed by the Jungian writer Donald Kalsched. Overcoming our clients’ (and our own) fear of using art in therapy. Honouring dissociation as the wisdom of the body and the road out of trauma.

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    Weekend 4: What surrounds us, becomes us

    How the systems and people around us when we are growing up become our Inner Critic or Superego. Introducing Internal Family Systems using sandplay therapy. Sound healing – a day of gongs, mantras and voices with Masha Bennett – and its many uses in trauma therapy.

  • Certified Sandplay Therapy Training Courses Jill Carter

    Weekend 5: Remembering who we are

    How to understand the legacy of the traumas of previous generations and ancestors. Learn how to help clients (and ourselves) find compassion for themselves and to cut the ties that bind. How to co-exist with other kinds of trauma therapists in an evidence-based world. Bodywork and mindfulness exercises to support ourselves after the course.

    How to book for the Certificate in Working Creatively with Trauma Therapy Training

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    About Jill Carter Training

    trauma training courses

    These expressive therapy courses explain the theories and research behind creativity in counselling, education and mental health environments. They are written and taught by Jill Carter, the UK’s leading creative trainer for sandplay therapy training courses, along with Lindsay Toogood, Helen Hawkins and Bekki Watson.

    In addition, our sandplay, expressive arts, creative trauma and supervision courses can be used as BACP or UKCP Continuing Professional Development.


    The three levels of Trauma Therapy Training:

    jill carter training creative supervision
    Introduction to Working Creatively with Trauma™

    If you are curious about or new to trauma therapy, this is the best place to start.

    Certified Sandplay Therapy Training Courses Jill Carter
    Certificate in Working Creatively with Trauma™

    This is the next level of training and is our main key skills course.

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    Diploma in Working Creatively with Trauma™

    The Diploma builds on and expands the skills of the previous courses.

    Check this general overview on trauma therapy and why it is effective
    Read our FAQs here

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