working creatively with trauma
working creatively with trauma

Trauma Training UK: Working Creatively with Trauma™

Working Creatively with Trauma™ courses are the only Trauma Training UK courses to explore evidence-based models of trauma therapy using sandplay and expressive arts. We have been teaching creative arts therapies face to face and online for more than 15 years. So, these courses use that extensive experience to understand trauma treatments through an expressive lens. We integrate person-centred, Gestalt, object relations’, Jungian and transpersonal trauma models. In addition, we drawn on neuroscience, somatic bodywork and systemic thinking. Also, an awareness of trauma-informed cognitive behavioural therapy, EFT and EMDR.  Jill presented the research behind the development of these courses to a BACP Making Connections conference in Bournemouth, February 2020.


We provide the practical skills’ training to help you work confidently with children, young people and adults. Our courses are continually updated to reflect the challenges of online working and the COVID Pandemic.

Specifically, we will help you understand post-traumatic stress disorder and complex relational trauma via creativity.


As a consequence, you can use sandplay, art, music, meditation and movement as evidence-based ways of working with trauma recovery in mental health environments, as well as therapeutic work with children, young people and adults.  In addition, using creative play is a good way of looking after yourself as a mental health practitioner. Equally, it is a nourishing tool in supervision.


So, you will learn research-based ways of supporting your own personal and professional process.

trauma training UK

Our Trauma Training UK courses are suitable for:

  • Counsellors and psychotherapists looking for creative and accessible ways of working with traumatic events and PTSD
  • Therapists in the trauma field such as clinical psychologists and trauma focused CBT practitioners interested in using play in their work
  • Education and mental health professionals/volunteers interested in trauma-informed skills


Our trauma training UK courses work with trauma-informed sandplay®, art, meditation, music and movement. So, you can help your clients to express the emotions, memories and post-traumatic experiences that our bodies hold onto until it is ‘safe’.

The courses are designed and written by Jill Carter, who:

  • developed the concept of trauma-informed sandplay®
  • is a BACP and UKCP psychotherapist and supervisor
  • has extensive experience of working with sandplay and art
  • is an EMDR Therapist with a Postgraduate Diploma in Trauma Training UK
  • our courses are taught in a clear, supportive and helpful way

All our groups are small:

  • never more than 10 people
  • a mixture of theory and experiential work
  • practical evidence-based skills trauma training UK
  • all teachers and supervisors are experts in their fields
  • there is self and group process in these courses.

All courses can be used for BACP and UKCP Continuing Professional Development (CPD). We adhere to the BACP Ethical Framework (2018) as well as the latest guidelines on Coronavirus. 

trauma training UK

Trauma Therapy Courses: Introduction to Working Creatively with Trauma™

trauma training (UK)

This weekend is suitable for anyone working in the counselling, education or mental health fields. Basically, all you need is an interest in creative working and trauma.  Counselling and psychotherapy students are also welcome. Specifically, we will use sandplay, art, music and other expressive arts therapies to ground commonly-used models of trauma.

The Introduction gives you a taste of creative trauma work

The training course will give you practical, evidence-based skills.  As a result, you can support children, young people and adults in face to face or online therapy. Also, you will begin to learn ways of protecting yourself against secondary or vicarious trauma.

Our integrative approach includes person-centred, gestalt, psycho-dynamic, Jungian and transpersonal ways of working.

Tutor: Masha Bennett

Course Dates:

6/7th March 2021 ONLINE via Zoom Meetings

4/5th September 2021 FACE TO FACE (hopefully) Glossop nr. Manchester

Cost: Online discounted price £250

Face to Face full price £300 (early bird discounts)



Trauma Therapy Training: Certificate in Working Creatively with Trauma™

certificate in creative trauma

The Certificate is designed for counsellors, psychotherapists and clinical psychologists working with clients. This is the benchmark course in our trauma training UK courses. So, it provides key skills training in creative models of trauma in mental health settings with children, young people and adults.We will look at the work of Bessel van der Kolk, Stephen Porges, Dick Schwartz and Janina Fisher amongst others.

You will become confident using sandplay and expressive arts with clients in face to face or online work. In addition, you can recognise and protect yourself from secondary or vicarious trauma. This course is constantly updated to reflect the challenges of Covid-19 and online working.

The Certificate will teach you creative models of trauma to use with all age groups

Firstly, there is no written work. Instead, you will be asked to do directed reading and meditations between weekends. In addition, you will present client material and case studies during the teaching weekends. Basically, you will relate the models of trauma therapy we are studying to your client work. You will also become aware of EMDR, EFT and Trauma-Focussed CBT.

Jill Carter designed this course based on her extensive experience and trauma training. It will run annually in five weekend modules. The cost is £1620 if you pay upfront. Or  £1800 payable in instalments. From this amount, £250 is needed as a non-refundable deposit at the time of booking.

Tutors: Jill Carter and Masha Bennett

Course Dates: Next online course starts 6th February 2021

Cost: from £1800

Next scheduled face to face course starts September 25/26th Glossop nr. Manchester 


Diploma in Working Creatively with Trauma™

diploma in creative trauma

A Diploma in Working Creatively with Trauma™ will be launched in 2021. It is  suitable for students who have completed the Certificate in Working Creatively with Trauma training course. So, the course use practical skills to take a deeper look at the role of trauma or wounds in our own lives, as well as in our families, clients and in wider society.

We will use the wisdom of ancient spiritual traditions to examine the role of PTSD. Our theoretical model is based on the work of Carl Jung, systemic therapists, Buddhist and Sufi transpersonal writers.  Then, we will apply this theory to mental health models of trauma in an accessible way.

The Diploma is designed to nourish and support you in your clinical work.

You will feel more confident using creativity and commonly-used models of trauma in your client work. In the same way, you will gain a wider perspective of the role of trauma.

Firstly, there is no written work in this trauma training UK course. However, you will do directed reading and meditations between weekends. In addition, you will present client material and case studies during the teaching modules. Hence, you will be able to show how to relate the models of trauma therapy to your client work.  Hopefully, you will also have a better understanding of any post traumatic events in your own life.

Jill Carter designed this course based on her extensive experience and years of trauma training. It runs annually in five weekend modules spread over 10 months. The cost is £1800 if you pay upfront, or £2000 payable in instalments. From this amount, £250 is needed as a non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. To conclude, you need to have done the Certificate course first.

Tutor: Jill Carter

Course Dates: You must have done the Certificate first. Contact us for next available dates.

Cost: from £1800

Venue: TBC

Finally, if you are not sure which course to apply for, Jill is happy to help.