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Workshops for former Certificate and Diploma students

Online Introduction to IFS and Sandplay one-day workshop

  • A one-day training suitable for former Sandplay Certificate students.
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This one-day workshop will introduce participants to the key ideas of Richard Schwartz’s Internal Family Systems Model through sandplay. This is a pre-requisite for former Certificate students wanting to join Laura for her IFS and Sandplay workshop at the end of November.

Benefits of this introduction:

  • Find out about exiles, managers and firefighters.
  • Discover the 8 C’s of Self.
  • Learn how parts naturally emerge in sandtrays.
  • Explore how to work with parts within the sand.
  • Experience a full day of exploration, practical ideas and nourishment.

Saturday 11th November 2023

ONLINE courses via Zoom Meetings.

10-4pm UK time LIVE

£150 payable on booking

6 to 10 people.

Online IFS and Sandplay weekend

  • A weekend training suitable for former Sandplay Diploma and Trauma Certificate students.
  • Also Sandplay Certificate students who have attended the Online introduction to IFS and Sandplay.
protector and exile

This weekend is an opportunity to spend some time for nourishment while providing an opportunity to deepen your understanding of ways to integrate IFS with Sandplay. As always, there will be many opportunities for experiencing and practicing underpinned by relevant theory.

Benefits of this weekend:

  • Discover the steps to getting know a client’s parts and the ways in which we can support clients to “unblend” and gain a new perspective on parts of self.
  • Why sand and IFS/parts language work so well together, and how we can support those who struggle to visualise or articulate their own parts.
  • The differences we need to be aware of when working with parts of children and parts of adults.
  • Explore ways of facilitating clients to explore their own parts using direct access.
  • Parts mapping
  • How to support clients to recognise aspects of Self and tap into Self as a resource.
  • How we recognise our own parts as therapists, how they may impact the work, and how to help them “step back”.

25th & 26th November 2023

ONLINE courses via Zoom Meetings.

10-4pm UK time LIVE both days

£300 payable on booking

6 to 10 people.

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