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Sandplay training: Sandplay Skills Certificate

A new training for non-therapists

What is Sandplay?

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  • Sandplay is a gentle approach which nevertheless works at a very deep level.
  • Sandplay is a creative and effective way of working with children, young people and adults.
  • Sandplay uses miniature figures and objects in a box of sand. The sandplayer chooses from the miniatures to show their story and process feelings.
  • It is ideal for individuals who struggle to tell their story using words.
  • Sandplay can offer both expression and containment.

Created for Non-therapists

Our new sandplay skills training is perfect for developing the necessary skills to bring sandplay confidently and safely into your work.

This training has been adapted from our Integrative Sandplay Certificate. Lindsey has tailored the training to make it relevant and accessible for non-therapists who nevertheless are involved in supporting the mental health and well-being of others.

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Our certificate in sandplay skills is perfect for

  • Teaching assistants, mental health first aiders, emotional wellbeing practitioners, youth workers, social workers, and support workers.
  • In fact, any non-therapist involved in improving mental health and building resilience in children, young people and adults.

What is special about our approach?

  • Our integrated approach to sandplay provides a very flexible and adaptable way of working which is ideal for children, teenagers and adults.
  • On our training courses we emphasize an experiential and creative learning approach. We focus on helping you develop the necessary skills to work safely and confidently.
  • We keep our groups small so that you can gain the most from the experience.

Why do the sandplay skills training with us?


  • the power of sandplay.
  • key theories.
  • how to develop core sandplay skills.

Benefits of the course

  • Enjoy many opportunities to practice and develop skills.
  • Experience sandplay by doing it yourself in a small supportive group
  • Learn how to tune in to your own responses as a way to support the sandplay process.
  • Develop confidence using evidence-based sandplay skills at work with and as a way of looking after yourself.
  • Feel confident that you are working safely and ethically.
  • Feel equipped to use integrative sandplay skills in your setting.
  • Get advice on getting started in schools, centres,Connect with your expert supportive tutor, including 3 additional consultation sessions included in the cost.

How to book for the Integrative Sandplay Skills Training

Step 1

 Complete the introduction to integrative sandplay skills weekend

Step 2

Fill in our online booking form and Lindsey will be in touch

Step 3

Secure your place with a £350 deposit. Choose your payment plan.

Expert, friendly, supportive training

“I found this training course very in depth in terms of theory, but most importantly the experiential element. The tutor was fantastic and created a very safe space in order to explore experiences in the trays more deeply. This is the first course I have done in which I feel I have adequately been given the knowledge and skills to practice. Thank you”

What’s involved?

  • Online live via Zoom
  • 5 weekends across 6 months
  • 10am until 4pm (UK time each day)
  • Small groups (up to 10 people)
Learning Approach
  • Experiential- opportunities to create and explore your own sandtrays
  • Skills practice
  • Theory & discussion

Between weekends

  • Reflective journal
  • Reading/videos

Skills exercises

Practice Requirements
  • Record of 30 sandplay sessions
  • Present client material during one of the training weekends
  • 3x hours group consultation with your course tutor. (inclusive in course fees).
  • 3x 1:1 supervision hours with our highly experienced sandplay supervisors.**

Minimum 80% attendance at weekends

** Please budget for this. It is an additional cost to the course fees £210 

What we’ll cover

Weekend 1: Introduction to the group and working with sand.

Getting started (equipment, rooms, having confidence in what we do). Confidentiality, contracting.

Establishing boundaries.Know your limits and safe practice.


Developing Felt Sense and attunement.

Weekend 2: Working with children in schools

Being with the child in front of you. Developmental stages in sand. The work of Violet Oaklander. Relationships and presence. Reflective skills.

How to regulate ourselves and our clients using creativity. Polyvagal theory

Practical tools to prevent secondary trauma.

Weekend 3: Being not doing. The creative world of Jung

The healing power of the unconscious. Introducing Jung, including anima (female), animus (male) and shadow parts of our clients and ourselves. Also, collective unconscious and universal meanings common in sand and other creative work.

Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey in sand.

Weekend 4: Working with Teenagers

Encouraging creativity and story-telling in sandplay with adolescents. Rites and initiations. The battle between Eros (life/love) and Thanatos (death/destruction).

Gareth Hill’s stages through the lifecycle

Indicators of healing.

Weekend 5

Celebration and Reflection

Self as a Resource

Resource trays

Self care

Mandalas – the symbol of wholeness – in sandplay.

Your Sandplay Skills Certificate Tutor

Lindsey Toogood

  • Lindsey has been a practising Integrative relational Counsellor for more than twenty years.
  • She is an experienced Play Therapist, Integrative Sandplay Therapist, creative Supervisor and Mindfulness Teacher.

Commencing February 2024 with Lindsey Toogood

Course dates

  • 23rd/24th March 2024
  • 13th/14th April 2024
  • 18th/19th May 2024
  • 22nd/23rd June 2024
  • 13th/14th July 2024


  • £350 deposit. Then choose from two payment options: 
  • 7 affordable monthly instalments of £215 per calendar month total cost £1855 
  • Pay £1350 before the course starts – this is the better value option- total cost £1700 

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