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about jill carter training

About Lindsey Toogood- Director, Integrative Sandplay and Trauma Tutor


After delivering courses for Jill Carter training for the last few years, Lindsey has now taken on leadership of Jill Carter Training. She is committed to continuing Jill’s approach to learning, with training that focuses on integrating theory and practice through play, spirituality and self-exploration.

Lindsey has been a practising integrative relational counsellor for over twenty years. She is an experienced play therapist, sand play practitioner, creative supervisor and mindfulness teacher. Lindsey offers a trauma informed practice incorporating creative, playful and body-based approaches.

Lindsey has a master’s degree in education which focused on psychology and child development.

Lindsey currently works in school settings and has a private practice working with children, young people, and adults. In the past she has worked with adopted and fostered children, for low-cost counselling services and for a large relationship charity working in primary and secondary schools. She is Trained in EMDR and has attended numerous trainings which emphasise a somatic approach, which is central to her way of working.

Tina Hesse – Integrative Sandplay Course Tutor

tina sandplay courses

Tina works supporting children young people and families mental health in Jersey. Previously, she was the Children and Young Peoples Mental Health Support Service Manager and safeguarding lead at Mind Jersey, which supports children, young people and families mental health and wellbeing.

Tina is a dedicated, passionate and experienced Positive Psychology Coach, Self Love Coach and Mindfulness teacher. She is a Wellbeing and Trauma Informed Practitioner as well as Integrative Sandplay Therapist, holistic therapist and creative supervisor. Tina also delivers safeguarding training and has lectured for over 15 years on subjects such as Childcare, Wellbeing, Mental Health, Counselling and Coaching courses.

She has worked therapeutically with primary school children, young people and adults for over 20 years. Tina has supported schools and colleges, government, voluntary and private sector departments, organisations and communities to promote and support holistic, emotional and mental health and wellbeing.

Tina is on the board of the World Association of Sand Therapy Professionals.

Laura McGuinness – Integrative Sandplay Course Tutor

Laura is a Psychotherapist (Dip, PgDip, MSc, UKCP & BACP), an Integrative Sandplay Therapist, and a Level 2 trained IFS Therapist. Over the last ten years she has worked across the NHS, women’s services, addiction & recovery, and within a UKCP accredited training organisation.

She now runs her own private practice based in Newcastle upon Tyne where she works from a trauma-focussed perspective integrating psychodynamics, sandplay therapy, creative approaches, and parts work.

Laura carried out her Master’s research on the use of archetypal imagery in psychotherapy and has created and delivered creative therapy groups. She is now embarking on a post-qualifying training in Jungian Oriented Psychotherapy.

Kinga Komarzynska – Trauma Tutor

Kinga is a Chartered Forensic Psychologist, EMDR Consultant and supervisor. She is trained in Systemic Therapy and Integrative Sand Play therapy with specialist knowledge of trauma, and complex presentation and complex therapeutic needs.

Kinga has over 13 years of experience in the delivery of psychological interventions and services within both the NHS, HMPS and independent sectors. Kinga has experience working with adults and young people in forensic, clinical, and community settings, as well as private practice. She is currently working at the Traumatic Stress Service in Cardiff.

She is passionate about offering a creative approach to trauma therapy, allowing clients to find their personal way of communicating when words are difficult. Kinga explains ‘Working with imagination helps clients make sense of things that are often overwhelming, confusing and multifaceted.’

Kinga is an experienced trainer and has delivered numerous trainings both in the UK and internationally, including co-facilitating Group EMDR training with Elan Shapiro, its developer. Kinga has been involved in humanitarian, non-profit projects in the UK, Brazil, Portugal, Egypt, Lebanon, and Poland focusing on resilience, wellbeing, attachment and trauma focused work.

About Our Founder Jill Carter

Certified Sandplay Therapy Training Courses Jill Carter

Jill Carter is a pioneer of Trauma-Informed Sandplay UK. Her courses are the only ones in the country to integrate traditional talking therapies (object relations, Jungian, Gestalt, person-centred and Transpersonal) with creative media such as sandplay, art, meditation, music and movement. Her ‘Working Creatively with Trauma’ course is unique in examining and illustrating trauma models through the lens of creative media such as sandplay with an open, compassionate and questioning heart. This makes even the most complex theories accessible to counsellors and psychotherapists working with children, adolescents and adults.

Jill is a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychotherapist and Supervisor (MA, UKCP and BACP) with nearly 20 years experience of working creatively. In addition, she is also an EMDR Therapist. Jill is a Registered Training Supervisor at a leading London counselling training college. She travels all over the world teaching and supervising individuals and groups in sandplay and art. Before then, she spent more than 20 years as a presenter on national radio and TV.

Sandplay UK & Trauma: What We Do

Small groups led by experts in the sandplay UK & creative trauma field

  • Interactive, friendly, supportive
  • Working with children, adolescents and adults
  • Practical skills for schools, NHS, private practice
  • Creative learning through our own sandtrays
  • Largest collection of sandplay figures in the UK
  • Clear explanation of theory
  • Latest evidence-based research
  • Works to BACP (2018) Ethical Framework

Sandplay UK & Trauma: Our Values

  • EXPERTISE targeted at needs of people on courses (tailored to fit each group).  Kind and focussed training to help students in a place of safety.
  • Showing and EXPRESSING FEELINGS through creativity can work better than just words. Sandplay and other creative arts help us communicate in a non-threatening way which allows us to heal. Sometimes. without saying very much.
  • SMALL GROUPS bring community feeling and support. Much more one-to-one attention than elsewhere. Builds group spirit. Many groups go on to do a number of courses together. Group will stay the same.
  • Taking time to train and REFLECT for yourself brings huge benefits for you and your clients. Looking after yourself is really important when you do work which can be very draining. Most people identify this as an unmet need before they come on courses.
  • CREATIVE PLAY enables the natural healing we all have inside of us. BELIEVE that the kind space you create for yourself and your client through creative play is already enough. BEING is more important than doing.

Our Purpose

To facilitate healing for ourselves and others through expressive creative activities which directly connect with our hearts and essence.

Our Mission

To provide support in a community that awakens creativity and self-expression to open hearts to kinder relationships.

Our Vision

A creative community of teachers and supervisors using sandplay, art, music, drama, gongs, dance and meditation. We encourage counsellors change to therapists put aside their regular thinking. Instead using their creative imagination and heart in their work.

Also, pioneering, developing, devising and encouraging new creative ways of working with sandplay and trauma.