Inexorably drawn towards the healing power of sand I joined Jill’s certificate and diploma courses in working therapeutically with sand and never looked back. Her courses marry deep experiential work along with well taught in depth theory in small accessible groups.  She supervises, teaches and contains you in your personal learning process and does justice to the value of  therapeutic synchronicity.


Jill’s sand tray courses have improved my work with children and adults enormously. I have gained a deeper understanding of the theories taught and an even deeper understanding of myself through the experiential learning and reflective practice encouraged. I highly recommend these courses where Jill is a supportive, knowledgeable and patient tutor.


I began this course to expand my therapeutic sandplay skills with clients. Unbeknownst to me, the sand took me on a personal journey of self-discovery and uncovered parts of myself that I did not want to acknowledge. The sand helped me to feel the emotions I did not want to feel. I am still on my journey.

During the course, Jill said, “You (the therapist) are the mirror off of which clients are reflecting their experience. If your mirror is not clean, what are you reflecting?”

More than anything, this course taught me to “feel” and to trust my instincts personally and professionally. I am more attuned to my clients’ emotions and experiences because I have allowed myself to feel my own hurt and joy. I have a deeper, more connected relationship with my clients. I am confident that what I am now reflecting back to my clients is their own experience, not mine.


I have attended and enjoyed the introductory weekend, that led to attending the certificate in sand tray, which led to attending and completing the Diploma in sand tray work with Jill this year. In each case I was impressed and inspired by Jill’s professionalism, her excellent hand outs, her encyclopedic knowledge but most of all the personal qualities that she brings, such generosity of spirit and warmth of heart. The pace is gentle yet firm, her holding of the space exceptional and after experiencing Psychotherapy training in other institutions I would rate Jill’s approach as masterful and highly competent. The handouts are eloquent and erudite, the symbol collection second to none and the opportunity to learn experiential as well as via lectures deeply effective and in my case, life changing, leading me to apply for an MA in child psychotherapy, a challenge I would not have attempted without the sand tray training with Jill.

The format is sensitive and nurturing, with the delicious communal lunches and time given too for reflection in lovely surroundings. She has introduced me to to some amazing music and people and I will be eternally grateful for her gracious support and continuing encouragement. I used to look forward to each weekend with excitement to see what was to be revealed in a safe, heart warming space. This has deepened my understanding of my clients issues and my own immeasurably.

I look forward to further training and would recommend these weekends and training opportunities to everyone in the business, as a way to learn how to use sandplay and symbols with clients of all ages and for serious self development. It is certainly the best CPD training I have attended.