jill carter supervision courses
jill carter supervision courses


We want to support and encourage creativity and self-care in supervision – both as supervisor and supervisee. From early 2019, we will be running nurturing weekend courses and group supervision using sandplay, art, music and meditation to protect the joy and keep the faith at a time of great change in the industry, which is leaving many of us feeling isolated and under pressure.

Our courses are designed as CPD for qualified practitioners. Final stage counselling and psychotherapy students are also welcome.

Our supervision model is a mixture of Jungian, transpersonal, Gestalt and play therapy with a strong emphasis on trauma work and self-process. It is suitable for working with children, adolescents, adults and groups.

All our teachers are currently working as BACP or UKCP registered supervisors in counselling training organisations or schools.  All are currently working with children, teenagers and adults. We all work to the latest BACP Ethical Standards. We may be able to put you in touch with suitably qualified creatively minded supervisors in your area.

Supervision Weekend Courses

We are developing a number of different courses to launch in 2019. These will include:

Expectations and Expression

supervision course Expectations and Expression

A weekend course using sandplay and art to bring life to ‘talking’ supervision. It will use creativity in a small group to reflect on the existing protocols (the developmental and process models, Jungian, transpersonal and Gestalt ways of working), the expectations that exist of what supervisors should be doing, and how we protect ourselves from burn out. The emphasis will be on providing a confidential, independent, nurturing space where we can connect to our feelings about our work and hopefully re-discover (or discover) a vocation and joy in it. This course will run for the first time in spring 2019 in the London area. For more details  Email : jill@jillcarter.co.uk

Separatio – This is Yours, This is Mine

jill carter training supervision and weekend courses

‘Separatio’ is one of the key alchemical stages in the work of Jungian and transpersonal therapists. It means being able to withdraw our projections so that we can see what material belongs to us, and what belongs to our clients. This weekend course will use sandplay and art to show how this separation of material can be used during supervision sessions and as a self-supervision tool. We will also discuss ways these creative techniques can be used to communicate with other staff e.g. head teachers and with parents in filial or family therapy. Dates TBC. For more details  Email : jill@jillcarter.co.uk

Venue & Getting There

On Route wellness centre, 44-46 South Ealing Road.

2 mins from South Ealing tube – very close to Heathrow Airport and 30 minutes from central London.

There is a vegan restaurant on site and good coffees and home made cake.

Contact us for more details or a booking form

Contact us for more details or a booking form