diploma in creative trauma
diploma in creative trauma

Diploma in Working Creatively with Trauma™

This will be launched in early 2020 and the content is still under development.

The Diploma will build on the skills and knowledge learnt during the Certificate course and move to a deeper, felt level of understanding. Jill Carter will guide a small group using sandplay, art, breathing, music, movement and poetry as a way of supporting our clients and ourselves on that inner journey. The focus will be on creating a safe, independent space to discuss how to use supervision, self-care and spiritual or meditative practices as a way of protecting ourselves from burn out or vicarious trauma.

The spiritual view of trauma believes that the need to heal is inherent in all of us, and that it is by peeling back the layers of damage done by this world that we re-connect to a whole and perfect Self.

The Diploma will take a reflective look at the role of our wounds within ourselves, our families, our trans generational heritage and in society more generally. It will include the work of Carl Jung and the transpersonal writers Almaas, Washburn and Wilber in order to look at trauma from different spiritual perspectives, including Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Sufism. It will also draw on art and Jills creative work with the families of Holocaust survivors.

The Diploma will be open to anyone who has completed the Certificate course. The cost will be £1680 if paid in full before the course starts, or £1750 if paid in instalments. Monthly payment plans by arrangement. As before, a £250 non-refundable deposit from the course fees is required to book a place. We would anticipate having dates and a location for this course in early 2019. It will start in early 2020.

Venue & Getting There

On Route wellness centre, 44-46 South Ealing Road.

2 mins from South Ealing tube – very close to Heathrow Airport and 30 minutes from central London.

There is a vegan restaurant on site and good coffees and home made cake.

Contact us for more details or a booking form

Contact us for more details or a booking form